MT4200EL 40X-1000X LED Ergonomic Binocular Brightfield Microscope

  • Meiji Techno’s newly designed upright Binocular Ergonomic Biological Compound LED Microscope system.
  • Equipped with newly upgraded U. Plan Infinity Corrected 4X, 10X 40X and 100X oil immersion objectives.
  • Ergonomically designed head with the ability to tilt precisely 10 to 50 degrees.
  • Manufactured in Japan and simple to use stage and coarse and fine controls, to meet the demands of researchers and clinical laboratory specialists.
  • Viewing high quality images, sample changing and photomicroscopy are all conducted with ergonomics in mind. High luminescent LED illumination reduces need for frequent bulb replacement.
  • Designed for Brightfield observation and rugged quality as you would expect from a Japanese made microscope.