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29 questions to ask your consultant before hiring them – Part 1

Consultant interview questions

Consultant’s credentials, knowledge and experience 1. What is your area of expertise? To solve a problem, you have to define it first. Once you define the problem, you should clearly understand the exact area of expertise needed to achieve a solution. For example, you need a skin doctor (and not a general practitioner) to treat […]

Case study: achieving ISO-15189:2012 accreditation to perform COVID-19 testing

Medical diagnostic laboratory business consulting case study

Client profile: A mid-size medical diagnostic laboratory in Jamaica, which prior to seeking consultation was performing only clinical chemistry, immunoassay, hematology and microbiology tests. Reason for consultation: Achieving industry certification and regulatory compliance. The client felt unprepared for the upcoming JANAAC inspection for ISO-15189:2012 accreditation. This accreditation was crucial for becoming qualified to perform COVID-19 […]

4 secrets of using consultants to improve your business

Riverside Medical Laboratory Business Consulting

1. Do not rely on a consultant to “do it all” or “run your business” for you Consultants are a great source of industry expertise and up-to-date best practices. However, nobody can be an expert at everything, or replace a business owner’s unique vision and specialized knowledge. Consultants are a great source of knowledge and […]